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  • Name of Physician: Ruel Garcia, MD

    About the Experience

    Comments: had very good experience for my preventive check up in the under region.

    The staff was super friendly and professional. And although i am not so
    panicked about IV's i heard them comforting another patient and got her
    hooked up before she could even notice it, all the time just keeping distracting

    The place was a lot smaller brighter and pleasurable than the one were i had a check up before
    and aired a feeling of getting a personal 5 star treatment instead of being lined up with
    twenty others in row.

    Thank you

    Randolph Fung (Anesthesia)
    Sabrina Kao (nurse)
    Marisa Ynchausti (nurse)
    Doi Annie Pham (Staff)
    Weida Siddiqi (Staff)

    And Doctor Ruel T. Garcia

    for making this not so pleasurable necessity as comfy and smooth as possible!

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