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  • Name of Physician: Michelle Nguyen, MD

    About the Experience

    I had my first colonoscopy just a couple of hours ago today 8/6/2021
    Prepping for the procedure is not bad at all. Pick up the prescription tablets to take two days before and started taking the first set of tablets as scheduled(6pm the Night before) and took the 2nd set of tablets 5 hours prior to the procedure. Taking the tablets for me is so much better than a liquid would have been.
    I would say the entire procedure is easy peasy! The entire medical crew are the nicest friendliest and most accommodating medical team. My RN Lizzle, the anesthesiologist Dr Jameson is awesome just like Dr Michelle Nguyen. They really made me feel at ease and took very good care of me. Honestly, I didn’t even know they did the procedure at all until they woke me up in the recovery room. I won’t have to come back for another one for another 10 years! Yay.
    The preparation is the worst part of all these but even that is not even bad at all. I’m sure having the medical team- at
    NATIONAL AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER 408-358-1555) who went over with me with all the steps and procedures with all the details really help. Anyone who is going to have a colonoscopy
    procedure should definitely consider this place if you want everything to go smoothly.

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